Course curriculum

  • 1

    Electronic Verification System

    • EVS_Part One

    • EVS_Part Two

  • 2

    Becoming a Texas Online Notary - Part One

    • Texas Chapter 1-87


    • SUBCHAPTER C_Sec406

  • 3

    Becoming a Texas Online Notary

    • Becoming a Texas Online Notary - Part One

  • 4

    The Application Process

    • Texas Online Notary Application Process

  • 5

    Online Notary Resources and Procedures Part Two & Part Three

    • Online Notary Public Educational Information

    • Online Notary Certificates

  • 6

    Online Notary Public Resources - Part Two

    • Online Notary Public Resources Video

  • 7

    Online Notary Public Procedures - Part Three

    • Online Notary Public Procedures Video

  • 8

    Online Notary Series

    • Online Notary Discussion with Patrons

    • Creating Your Own Online Notarization Platform

    • Marketing Online Notary Services

    • OnlineNotaryPlatform_Egenie

These courses are for Patrons who are using EVS.

Online Patrons using EVS - EVS Training Video Included

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Online Notary Public Training Bundle is a Three-Part Series of Training

Learn what you need to get started!

These mini-courses discuss the process of becoming a Texas Commissioned Online Notary Public.  Part Two and Part Three cover the different resources and procedures needed to successfully complete online notarizations.   

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