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Webinar Thursday VIP & Royal Patron Forum

Texas Notary Public Online Training Academy will hold a bi-weekly open forum every other Thursday.  The Thursday  Webinar Forums are for VIP & Royal Patrons only.  During each forum we will address topics related to Texas Notaries, and focus on meeting the current needs of our Patrons.  Each forum will also include a question and answer session.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    003M Webinar Thursday Playbacks

    • Webinar Thursday VIP & Royal Patron Trainings

  • 2

    The Notarial Certificate

    • The Notarial Certificate - Webinar Thursday Playback

    • All Purpose Acknowledgement

    • OATHS AND Acknowledgements

    • Sample Affidavit

  • 3

    Marketing With Notary Rotary

    • Notary Rotary - Webinar Thursday Playback

  • 4

    Notary Fees

    • Notary Fees - Webinar Thursday Playback

    • GNW Fee Sample

    • Title Company Fee Sample

  • 5

    Webinar Thursday - What's in Your Notary Bag

    • Notary Essentials Webinar Thursday Playback

    • List of Items with Links

  • 6

    Things to do When Business is Slow

    • Things to do When Business is Slow - Webinar Thursday Playback

  • 7

    Hybrid Closings

    • Hybrid Closings -Webinar Thursday Playback

  • 8

    Negotiating Your Fee

    • Negotiating Your Fee - Webinar Thursday Playback

  • 9


    • GovernorsApr27th_Suspension - Webinar Thursday Playback

  • 10

    Texas Notary Forum

    • Texas Notary Forum - Webinar Thursday Playback

    • Texas Notary Forum(Part 2) - Webinar Thursday Playback

  • 11

    Online Notary Discussion with Patrons

    • Online Notary Discussion with Patrons

  • 12

    Creating Your Own Online Notarization Platform

    • Creating Your Own Online Notarization Platform

  • 13

    Marketing Your Online Notary Services

    • Marketing Online Notary Services

  • 14

    Online Notarization (Series)

    • OnlineNotaryPlatform_Egenie

    • OnlinePlatformSeries

    • Online Notary Series - 08/06/2020

    • Online Notary Series _Acuity Calendar 08/13/2020

    • Online Notary Platforms - Tammie w/Notary.IO

    • Online Notary Payment Options - 08/20/2020

    • Webinar Thursday - Notary.IO Platform Presentation by Matt Darby

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